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Before using this polysaccharide, the first bacteriologist used to cultivate microorganisms in food like coagulated egg whites or meat. However, as of today, agar is the most efficient and reliable system to prepare microbial culture media.

Bacteriological agar is an aseptic and a solidifier constituent, which makes it ideal to use in microbiology. Obtained from red algae’s cellular walls, its use in microbiology, together with other nutrients allows to create solid media for microorganisms, like fungi and bacteria, to grow.

The subsequent tests and analysis of these media will allow us to determine if there are unwanted microorganisms for human consumption, and guarantee the quality of the products we consume every day.

Ultimately, the purpose of agar in culture media is to provide a solid area to grow and analyze microorganisms, which makes it an essential element for pharmaceutical and other sciences industries.

Agarmex has more than 50 years of experience producing and exporting high-grade agar globally. We offer different lines of bacteriological agar to consumers according to the gel strength that meet their requirements. If you’re interested in learning about further details, contact our team and we’ll help you.