Do you recognize what you eat? The new trend of ‘Clean Labeling’

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More and more people are becoming aware of their diet and its impact on their health. Therefore, it is important for consumers to be able to read a product label and understand what ingredients it is made of. This change in consumption habits has led to the emergence and growth of a trend known as “clean labeling.”

This clean label entails that, when producing our foods, we choose to use natural, healthy, easily identifiable ingredients and avoid additives and complicated labeling.

This poses a significant challenge for the food industry, which must reformulate to adapt to a label that is as simple and natural as possible, without compromising sensory quality, safety, and product quality, as much as possible, regardless of cost.

In this vein, Agarmex supplies food-grade agar to the industry. It is a seaweed extract that can modify the texture of the final product according to the manufacturer’s needs without altering its color, smell, and taste.

This natural vegetable-based gelling agent allows for replacing other additives with texturizing or emulsifying functions in formulations while promoting the aforementioned clean label.

If a product contains E406, consumers are less likely to associate it with agar-agar, leading to distrust. However, if it is labeled as agar-agar, the reaction will be the opposite – positive, as it is a well-known ingredient with a good reputation.

If you are looking to develop new recipes or reformulate existing ones and want to experiment with agar-agar, do not hesitate to contact the sales department for advice.