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One of the most important properties of agar is that it is an abundant source of fiber for our organism. Fiber is essential in our daily diet for several reasons that we will detail below.

As we all know, fiber balances our digestive system, but it is also beneficial for the heart, cholesterol, helps maintain stable blood sugar levels and there are even studies that relate it to psychological benefits.

Agar contains 94,80% of soluble natural fiber, which supposes a quantity superior to the rest of the foods of vegetal origin. The foods enriched in fiber (breads, cookies, breakfast cereals, bran, etc.) contain from 6% to 45% of fiber.

The content of dietary supplements, tablets and granulates ranges from 20% to 80% fiber. And an apple? A medium apple, eaten with skin, contains 4 grams of fiber.

As we have seen, agar can become one of the main ingredients in the kitchen to provide the recommended amount of fiber in our daily diet. For this reason, more and more people consider it a staple in their pantry. There is a wide variety of recipes in which we can use agar: flans, jams, sauces, sweet and savory cakes, creams… In this way, it is becoming easier and easier to prepare delicious healthy recipes that help our organism.